Straightforward Second Edition provides practical and easy-to-use materials so that you, the teacher, can get on with what you’re best at: teaching.

These resources will support both the Original and Second Editions of Straightforward and you may recognise some of them from the original site.

These resources are here to make your teaching schedule a little easier. We’ve done a lot of the leg-work for you:

Placement Tests – Work out which level your students are at so you can give them the best start

Tip of the Week – Jim Scrivener provides us with handy and practical bites for the classroom

Worksheets – Extra, supplementary worksheets for every level

Companion Wordlists – Unit-by-unit wordlists to accompany the Straightforward series. 

Class Activity Ideas – Engaging and fun activities from Jim Scrivener

Dictation – Philip Kerr’s dictation activities, inspired by the red words in the Macmillan English Dictionary

Printable Straightforward Online Password Cards – Make sure your students are joining your class so you can monitor their marks

Perfect Reads – Need to get your students reading? Here are our suggestions.

Straightforward Business Lessons – Philip Kerr provides lessons for each unit with a business English focus. Here are samples for each level.