What’s included on Straightforward Practice Online?


Straightforward Practice Online is a brand new component for the Second Edition.

Students will have an access code in the back of their Student’s Book and Teachers will find theirs in the back of the Teacher’s Book. It is an entirely online component so it can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. This makes it ideal for homework and for language lab classes. Teachers can link up with their students to view their markbooks and monitor progression.

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To enter the online area or register an access code please visit: http://www.straightforward-online.com/

View a tour of what it looks like and how you can create online classes click here:Straightforward Practice Online Walkthrough

Each student code allows 18 months’ access. Teacher access will give them three years.

Interactive Exercises

Activities that could be found on the Student’s Book CD-ROM in the original edition have been migrated onto this platform so there are plenty of exercises that complement the language and topics of the Student’s Book units. The activities are marked automatically and the scores are saved in the markbook area. There are over 130 interactive exercises.

Interactive Wordlist

This is an entirely new tool for Straightforward and highlights the strong vocabulary elements of the course. Students can select a wordlist based on the unit or topic, practice their pronunciation, export, and print the wordlist.


There are 12 authentic video clips from the BBC and ITN that are accompanied by interactive practice.