Straightforward Practice Online

Accessed through a unique code in the back of the Student’s Book, Straightforward Practice Online provides interactive homework and extra practice of the language from the Student’s Book and Workbook. Accessing language materials online allows students to take their learning anywhere, any time, in order to better fit their timetable and learning style. Teachers can also monitor student progress by ‘linking up’ with their classes.

Straightforward Practice Online offers over 130 resources, including …

  • bonus interactive listening, vocabulary, reading, grammar, functional language and pronunciation activities to consolidate learning from the print components
  • NEW video material from BBC and ITN with follow up activities
  • interactive word lists with pronunciation and ‘email-me-practice’ functionality

Each student code allows 18 months’ access. The teacher code will allow three years’ access.

Download your information sheet: What’s in SPO?

View a tour of what it looks like and how you can create online classes then click here:Straightforward Practice Online Walkthrough