Straightforward is already well-known for its pick-up-and-use practicality, easy-to-follow format and flexibility. It has become a favourite of both new and more experienced teachers. So why change it? Well, teaching practices and learning habits are changing, and so must our materials.

Still using the Original Edition? Don’t Panic!

So what is new in the Second Edition?

– Much of the content has been updated and made more relevant to our ever-changing world. You’ll find new topics, articles and exercises within a fresh new design. You won’t lose the old favourites though – they are still there, with a facelift.

– We’ve put a lot of emphasis on word lists and lexical features and there is a a new interactive word list available from Straightforward Practice Online

– The strength of the Teacher’s Book has been built on with the addition of a Teacher’s Resource Disc that includes twelve 2-3 minute video clips per level from the BBC and ITN, photocopiables and new methodology videos from Jim Scrivener’s Learning Teaching 3rd Edition.

– The CEFR still plays a prominent part in the series and there is even clearer signposting and more self-assessment opportunities.

– There is a new supporting online component – no more worries about installation or CD-ROMs lying unused at the back of the Student’s Book. Through a code in the Student’s Book, you can access not only all the content that was previously on the CD-ROM, but also a whole host of additional features such as…

– 130+ interactive activities per level

– Interactive word lists with pronunciation, bespoke practice straight to your inbox and the option to edit and add definitions and translations

– 12 video clips with interactive practice from the BBC and ITN

– A markbook facility that teachers can link to and follow their students’ progress

For an overview of each component visit the overview page

For a more details each component visit the series walkthrough page