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  • Straightforward Business eLessons

    An alternative business-related lesson for every unit from Philip Kerr.  

  • Guides and printable tools for Straightforward Practice Online

    Here you’ll find a bank of printable resources to get you going on Straightforward Practice Online. Teacher Guide to Straightforward Practice Online Student Guide to Straightforward Practice Online PASSWORD CARD – Make sure your students sign up to your class in Straightforward Practice Online with these handy printable cards. There are four on the A4 sheet. […]

  • Straightforward Practice Online

    Accessed through a unique code in the back of the Student’s Book, Straightforward Practice Online provides interactive homework and extra practice of the language from the Student’s Book and Workbook. Accessing language materials online allows students to take their learning anywhere, any time, in order to better fit their timetable and learning style. Teachers can […]

  • What’s included on Straightforward Practice Online?

      Straightforward Practice Online is a brand new component for the Second Edition. Students will have an access code in the back of their Student’s Book and Teachers will find theirs in the back of the Teacher’s Book. It is an entirely online component so it can be accessed from any computer with an internet […]

  • Straightforward Original Edition Companions

    You can still access the companions for the orginal edition of Straightforward by clicking on the links below:         Beginner Level: Dutch French German Italian  Elementary: Dutch French German Italian Pre-Intermediate: Dutch French German Italian Intermediate: Dutch French German Italian Upper Intermediate Level: Dutch French German Italian  

  • Straightforward Original Edition

    The Original Edition is still available and you’ll find all the resources from the original site on this one. Want to know more and what’s changed?

  • Straightforward Practice Online

    Over 130 interactive resources to support the language and grammar from the course. There are additional tests, videos and an interactive wordlist, and teachers can view their students’ progress by accessing the markbook.

  • Welcome to Straightforward

    Transparent structure – Practical methodology – Varied content  

  • Straightforward Business Lessons

    Use our elessons archive to get access to alternative business-related lesson for every unit of Straightforward Second Edition for Pre-intermediate, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate levels to help cater for those students who are keen to add a professional context to their learning. These have been written by Straightforward author Philip Kerr so you’ll find they fit […]

  • Straightforward

    Straightforward has come of age and has been treated to a review, revamp and facelift. Much of the content has been updated and made more relevant for today’s students, teaching methods and ELT environment. Straightforward second edition is now available in a handy split edition. What’s new? You can find out exactly what’s new by checking […]